Modular sales office for the project "LEGENDA Heroes"

Saint Petersburg
2018 year


A new residential complex of the company LEGENDA is located at the Heroes prospect at the very entrance to the new prestigious neighborhood. The architectural concept assumes that the project will become a real decoration of this territory. The complex is distinguished by stylish design, comfortable family apartment layouts, novelties of smart approach and best sellers of previous projects, as well as a unique concept of the yard landscaping.

For organization of the sales office of the new residential complex Elmaco has built a prefabricated modular two-storey building with a total area of 185 m2, consisting of eight block modules of various types and overall dimensions.

The peculiarity of this modular building of Elmaco, executed according to the Standard of the Premium class, is a large volume of external glazing and an unusual colorful firm design in the exterior decoration of the block modules, executed in accordance with the architectural concept of the new residential complex.

Modular building is completely autonomous and equipped with all necessary engineering systems.

All works on designing, production of block modules, their installation on the object, installation of hinged facade as well as internal finishing works were performed by Elmaco and transferred to the customer "turnkey" in the shortest possible terms.

The project of sales office can be viewed here.