Consultation point of sales department for residential complex "Southern water area"

Saint Petersburg
2016 year


The residential complex "Southern water area", the new project of company «LSR. Real Estate - North-West», being built in one of the cleanest parts of St. Petersburg on Gulf of Finland coast. Complex will be located at the crossing of two avenues - Leninsky and Geroev. "Southern water area" - a large-scale construction project, implemented gradually and combining several quarters. In the area of 23.9 hectares will appear spectacular apartment houses with height of 7-25 floors, pedestrian promenades, gardens, sports and playgrounds, is planned to build multi-level parkings.

For the organization of consulting point of sales department for the new residential complex company Elmaco have built two-storey modular building of four block-containers with total area of 72 m2.

A feature of this modular building Elmaco, constructed on standard of Premium class, is an unusual corporate design in the exterior of block modules.

Modular building is completely autonomous and equipped with all necessary engineering systems.

All works on production of block modules and their installation on the object, as well as finishing works were performed by Elmaco and transferred to the customer "turnkey" within 30 calendar days.