Construction of modular office of the Data Center for Russian IT company in Vladimir

2017 year


In 2015 large IT company began implementation of project on construction of data center in the village Energetik of Vladimir region. Representatives of regional administration reported that the volume of investment in the project will be about 4,5 billion rub.

For implementation of large-scale project on construction of a new data center, general contractor of IT company - HAKA MOSCOW concluded a contract with Elmaco for construction in Vladimir complex of modular buildings for placement of employees for various functional purposes, including the administrative and amenity building (ABK), as well as terrain equipment building (ZVO).

Two-storey modular building ABK, intended to house data center's staff and visitors, was built Elmaco of 26 block-modules with a total area of about 1000m2. Each floor consists of 13 modules, dimensions of one module 12,0x3,20x3,50m (LxWxH). Single storey modular terrain equipment building, performing warehousing and  technical functions, consists of a metal frame with bolted connections and three-ply panels based on mineral wool insulation and occupies an area of about 135 m2.

Prefabricated modular buildings Elmaco are made on standard of Premium class. For their construction were used the most modern and technologically advanced equipment and materials that exist on the market.

Buildings are fully autonomous and equipped with all necessary engineering systems: water supply system with the accounting node, sewerage system (WC, showers), as well as general exchange system of supply and exhaust ventilation on the basis of REMAK equipment with heat recovery system. Subcontractor for the manufacture of doors and partitions was NAYADA.

Speaking at Mellanox company event in March 2016, the head of group of research  and development of exploitation department of IT company Pavel Melnikov told that they plan to transfer part of computing capacity from their data centers in Moscow to the new data processing center (DPC) in Vladimir. Data center is being built on an area of 6 hectares. Its total capacity will be about 40 MW, and the first phase of data center will be designed for 10 MW. According to the plans of company new data center will start operational in the end of 2017.

Other modular buildings erected by Elmaco during implementing the project of building the new data center in Vladimir, can be viewed here.