Elmaco designs, carries out delivery, makes installation and daily service of prefabricated modular buildings and facilities of modular type.

Elmaco’s modules can be easily used to set up an office, classrooms for students or staff, to place headquarter on construction site or settle the workers in comfortable conditions of modular dormitory for the period of construction work going on.


Elmaco offers modular prefabricated buildings of various functional purposes and of individual design in three classes: Comfort, Business and Premium.

Collaboration of our specialists and customer representatives - the key to satisfy the objectives of our client for the best building usability in the future.


    • Framework of the modules of temporary building is made of primed profile pipe 100x100 mm;
    • Isover (h = 100mm), Izospan A, Izospan B are used for warming, water and wind insulation;
    • Exterior finishing is made of profiled sheet C20, h-0,5 with a polymer coating;
    • The roof is made of galvanized profiled roofing sheet HC-35 with warming of basalt wool;
    • Floor of temporary building is compiled of timber, mineral wool, particle board and covered with commercial linoleum;
    • interior walls are made of laminated particle board;
    • Suspended ceiling Armstrong with built-in luminescent lamps;
    • Single-chamber PVC double-glazed windows, shutters;

Elmaco main advantage is many years of experience in realization of complex projects of construction using prefabricated modular buildings. Most competitors produce simple site huts and containers, which are used as stand-alone units or grouped in simple modular constructions.

An important role in getting reliable and comfortable prefabricated buildings is not only a high-quality assembly of modules on a site, but also the professionalism of personnel involved in installation, laying of all necessary engineering systems, making of foundation for the modular building.

Elmaco offers not only comfortable modular premises (modular offices, administrative and living complexes, company headquarters on construction sites, youth camps, sales offices and demo rooms), but also complement it with everything necessary to ensure that the client is immediately able to start using the building after the move: furniture, shutters plumbing fixtures and accessories, kitchen and dining room for employees, street benches, urns and flower beds.

Elmaco aim is to convey the client with fully ready-to-use modular building, where is everything necessary for comfortable work or residence. Professional cleaning before delivery to the customer of a modular building is also in scope of Elmaco.


Production of modular building begins with the preparation of its detailed rooms’ plan, with the designation functional zones and cabinets, placement of furniture and distribution of employees according to workplaces.

Sketch of a modular building

Special attention is paid to the design of the facade of modular building, especially in Premium class, where unusual designed facade is one of the main demands of the customer. After approval of the project modules run in production, where is going frame, is carried out warming and exterior finishing.

High-quality prefabricated Elmaco buildings give the customer the following important advantages:

If the customer does not have its own construction department, Elmaco carries out all necessary ground works to prepare the base for modular building, establish an autonomous system of water supply and sewerage if needed. Elmaco will installation of air conditioning system, arrange the local computer network, install access control and alarm systems.


Elmaco modules Premium and Business series, having a non-standard appearance and improved quality of interior finishing materials are ideal for the organization of modern sales offices at housing projects, of bank branches, ticket offices.

Customers buying new apartments pay more attention to the appearance and interior of builder sales office on construction site.

As the theater begins with a hanger, apartment - a cozy lounge, house - with a landscaped courtyard area, building a new residential complex - with a sales office at the site. Buyers of apartments, especially at the stage of "pit and fence" can judge about the level of the future flat looking at sales office appearance. Leading construction companies and developers pay more attention today to how their sales office looks as being at the construction site.

Some developers organize "show room" spaces to demonstrate the quality of finishing, applied technologies of construction and finishing materials. For potential customers is very important to look in details at the level of finishing materials that will be used by the builder in their future apartment.

Following market trends, Elmaco offers construction developers modern modules of Premium class that can be used to build a presentable sales office.

Elmaco modules are of high comfort and safety of finishing materials, including the use of non-combustible facing coatings. Usually clients require to equip modular sales office with an autonomous system of water supply and wastewater disposal, which does not require connection to the main urban systems.

Elmaco designers make modular offices of Business class look individual and creative to show status of the customer, demonstrate its high level of reliability and customer's exclusive offers for its clients.

Elmaco is well-known expert in Russia in creating a comfortable working space of temporary offices and sales departments.

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Modern metal block containers - is a fast, not expensive and, in some cases, the only way to solve the problem of accommodation of personnel on the construction site.

Prefabricated block-containers are considered essential on construction sites. They are used to create improved living conditions for the workers and engineers: work, accommodation, food, recreation and medical services.

Often in modular containers technological equipment is placed or organized storage and utility room.

Prefabricated block-containers are convenient for arrangement of toilet and shower blocks, laundry, security posts, as well as checkpoints.

All Elmaco modules have high usage characteristics, suitable for cold Russian winters and a high level of used finishing materials, making comfort of stay-in and appearance of the module. Price for modules depends on its configuration.

Special reliable metal construction of prefabricated modules Elmaco allows you to install them in three levels. At the same time you have the opportunity make a "balcony" to pass along the second-floor or install containers in the special way when the roof of the lower modules will serve as a basis for the flooring for the passage at the second floor of modules.

Models are made in accordance with the approved plan, equipped with everything you need, including furniture, air conditioning, plumbing fixtures, etc. Metal modules are easily transported to the new site.

Elmaco offers standard types of modules, as well as design block modules for the specific requirements of our customers. We work with all regions of Russia. Elmaco modules are made on a special project, taking into account the climate of northern regions of Russia. Comfort, convenience and reliability of the construction - distinctive features of Elmaco containers.