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Designing of modular buildings

Elmaco provides service for design of modular buildings. Modular buildings - a building made of block containers. The main advantages of these buildings is their mobility, low cost, and high comfort.

Our company produces individual design of modular buildings. For each project, our employees develop individual projects of the future buildings. Development and design takes place in close cooperation with the customer, ensuring full compliance of the building with its future use. For example, if the customer needs to build modular administrative offices, the building project must comply with administrative needs of the most.

Elmaco designs modular buildings for various purposes. Our employees are engaged in the development and designing of office buildings, shopping halls, residential complexes, shift camps, facilities for the workers, as well as any other purposes of modular buildings.

You can buy block container for the construction of a small building or a few block containers for the construction of the whole complex. Elmaco carry out the drafting of prefabricated modular buildings in the shortest possible time. Due to careful work of our employees, customers become owners of convenient and mobile building constructed on the individual project.

We also offer our clients the block containers for the construction of temporary buildings on the construction site or at the territory of enterprise.