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Design of prefabricated buildings

Elmaco is engaged in professional designing of prefabricated buildings. Often companies and enterprises in various fields required to construct the building in the shortest time. In this case prefabricated buildings of the modules become a lifeline.

Elmaco carry out the design of prefabricated buildings in strict accordance with the needs of the customer. The customer is always involved in the development and design of the building. Upon customer request can be used for the construction of the building standard configurations of block containers, or modules designed on individual projects.

Usage of prefabricated buildings can be anything. This can be a sales pavilion, administrative offices, and facilities for workers, canteen, medical center, etc. Depending on the purpose of the building construction projects are developed. In addition, in accordance with the purpose of the building is projected internal and external finishing, plumbing, insulation and lighting.

Today customers can not only purchase block-containers for permanent use, but also to rent a module for a time. Rental of modules for the construction of prefabricated buildings are extremely popular with the construction companies who want build a building for a certain time.