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Comparison of change houses, modules Containex and block modules Elmaco

In contemporary construction industry, where financial costs and the timing of construction of buildings play a crucial role, increasing popularity are gaining prefabricated technical, office and domestic buildings. Such constructions in Russia are built using low-cost change houses, as well as modern block modules / block containers. What is the difference between them, and what technology to give preference for use exactly in your project, you will understand after reading this article.

The difference between change houses and modern block modules

Change houses - are originally a temporary auxiliary constructions, carrying out on construction sites and household objects rather narrow range of tasks. They are usually made of inexpensive materials and are used for temporary storage of materials and tools, stay of personnel, rest and nutrition of workers, placing of construction headquarters, administrative and household services.

The main advantages of change houses:

Number of deficiencies is certainly more:

Being coming to replace change houses at the end of of the XX century, modern block modules, manufacturing technology of which has already been worked out by Western producers, proved to be more practical and perfect, managed to avoid the shortcomings that have change houses and offered much more opportunities for designers and consumers:

Modular buildings, which are collected of block modules, are easy factory constructions of two or more ready-block containers, which are quickly transported to the site, in a few days are collected to buildings with a height up to three floors, of any architectural complexity and a lay, can be installed on lightweight foundation. Although they are also to be considered temporary, they serve perfect for several decades, can be easily adapted to any climatic conditions, qualitatively insulated, suggest fast laying engineering communications and meet all fire and sanitary requirements, as well as established GOST standards and SNiPs.

Prefabricated modular buildings in Russia - a new word in domestic construction technologies and in some cases - an alternative to capital construction. Such office and technical construction no longer be called "temporary" because on their base are built today full-fledged building towns, administrative and office buildings, social objects.

They are made of modern economical materials, are mobile and deployed within a few weeks, significantly reduce the loss of material resources and financial losses during construction.

Block-modules Containex

Wide distribution in modern Russia received block modules of Austrian company Containex, which has established their production at own factory in Kovrov.

Containex modules are manufactured according to European technology and have many advantages over conventional change houses, although they are much more expensive:

In addition, Containex modular pre-fabricated buildings conform to European standards of quality, are designed for more complex climatic conditions than change houses, are finished with quality materials, are more durable and ergonomic in use.

Block modules and Prefabricated buildings Elmaco

Manufacturing and construction of prefabricated buildings of of modular structures has been going on for many decades. During this time many companies have managed to offer the world its own interesting technological developments. The latest generation of block-modules and prefabricated buildings of Elmaco, manufactured in execution of Business and Business +, can be considered one of the benchmark examples of industry achievements in Russia.

In addition to the advantages, possessed by Containex block modules to change houses, prefabricated buildings Elmaco differ from products of Austrian manufacturer by the following parameters:

In addition, pre-fabricated buildings Elmaco meet established in Russia GOST and SNIP, suggests individual design calculations under the technical and aesthetic requirements of customers.

Differences between the different types of prefabricated modular constructions: change house, Containex and Elmaco, you can clearly see in table of characteristics below.